Elizabeth Thilmany’s Journey with Hodgkin lymphoma

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A Snippet of my Yoga Journey

What a busy travel day it has been! I am flying back to Maryland to spend a few days with Jacob and begin my RA training for the Spring Semester before classes start January 28th. I enjoy writing in the sky; it seems to spark my creativity. I am...

In Keeping with the Tradition of Socks!


For the patients, survivors, supporters, medical staff, or for those on the search for fun-meaningful socks- look no further than personally-designed socks. To start, I will be selling Hodgkin’s Lymphoma socks- these will be limited addition specifically designed for my diagnosis. The only purple design are named b(+) named after my blood type and attitude ?. The second option is a sock with four different colored cancer ribbons- these are the four most common blood cancers (Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, Leukemia and Multiple Melanoma) and are named bloodsocks as they are all connected by blood. Beyond having more cancer merchandise in the market for more ribbons/diagnoses, having the four different colors represented on one sock has the potential for unity amongst the blood cancers. My hope is that this becomes a successful business premise, so I can expand to categorizing and uniting multiple groups of cancer diagnosis (so far I have brainstormed cancers impacting women, men and soft tissue (sarcoma)). Please feel free to comment with feedback and suggestions to help make this a successful business.