What a busy travel day it has been! I am flying back to Maryland to spend a few days with Jacob and begin my RA training for the Spring Semester before classes start January 28th. I enjoy writing in the sky; it seems to spark my creativity.

I am appreciative to have been home and resting for the past month and I am extremely hopeful for my first Spring Semester at UMD.

Over break, I challenged myself to jump back into my yoga practice and decided I wanted to share some of that journey:
A year ago, I felt weak because I could not hold food down since my coughing would cause me to vomit and I was too tired to exercise. After the diagnosis and the marathon of medical visits that followed, I was weighing in at my lowest weight since I stopped growing. The doctors were concerned with my ability to keep food down because I needed strength. Prednisone was the medical answer. It was the first time I was actively encouraged to gain weight. Additionally, I dropped my vegan diet and was unable to go to the gym because of my surgery and compromised immune system.

Soon I was gaining weight. And once it began, it did not stop, and the doctors were happy.

During treatment I gained 20% of my body weight. The chemotherapy destroyed much of my muscle tissue. And to make things even more difficult, I was bald and my face was still being attacked by acne monsters. For the most part, it did not matter much. I was doing what I needed to survive.

These physical changes have caught up to me during the last six months following treatment, my favorite yoga pants do not fit, I have less motivation than ever to go to the gym because of the loss of stamina, and I am struggling to re-adjust to a balanced diet.

Here is where the yoga comes in. My answer was to start a membership at a new yoga studio during winter break in Fort Collins at Yoga Pod. They had an introductory offer of 30 days for $30 and I was planning to be home for 28 days over the holidays. I asked my parents for a new yoga mat and I made a commitment to go to as many days of hot yoga as I could.

The first few classes were rough and even towards the end of the month, I found myself making more excuses then reasons to go but, I persevered.

I went to 20 yoga classes in less than 30 days. Even in my tight airplane seat, I feel strong, in-tune with my breath, aligned, stretched, and appreciative of my body.

More than the physical exercise, I am also grateful for the little lessons I learned like smiling makes things easier, make time to focus on your breath, you are your greatest teacher. Thank you home and thank you yoga.

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