Bald Socks

Elizabeth Thilmany’s Journey with Hodgkin lymphoma



Challenge 3, 4, 5, and 6 Insomnia(challenge 3) is one symptom that will take me longer to adjust to since I am accustomed to sleeping like a rock. Since my biopsy, I have been on prednisone to keep the symptoms of the lymphoma, such as vomiting after eating, at bay. After taking the steroid, I am wired and struggle to fall asleep. So again, I slept poorly and my bladder acted as...

Finding a New Normal

Challenges 1 & 2 Taking my time to find my words. A month has passed since walking into Urgent Care to learn about the initial signs of cancer. It was my hope to start this blog sooner; however, between a few weeks of initial pokes, surgeries, and over a dozen doctors appointments and going through my first chemotherapy- I needed time to get the words under my feet. The namesake of this...


Your body begins to hate itself and you don’t really know why. Although hearing the diagnosis that you have cancer is something you never want to hear, in some ways it was a relief. For a few months I had not been feeling myself and had kept putting off checking it out, as my first semester of college, in a non-optimal dorm, eating dining hall food, and adjusting to a completely new climate...

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